Monthly Archives: January 2012

First post from my phone

Checking out this “blogging from phone” thing. Pretty cool.


Introducing the spawn

We entered into the dark unknown. Yes that crazy and sometimes stinky world of parenthood. We drew from the hat of life and well…I think we got one hell of a kid.

This is Dana. Otherwise known as Snips (thanks to her Aunt Heather). She gets into a lot of trouble so I imagine you’ll be seeing a lot of her.

Dana in my hat

Someone stole my winter hat.

And so it begins

Yet another place for me to spill my thoughts, actions and pictures of my kid, heh. The husband will pop in every now and then I’m sure. But basically this is my site for all the stuff I finally get around to.

Like this post.

Yep. That's me.

Not what you were expecting, huh?

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